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INVITED SPEAKER 2 - The dynamics of metal soap formation
Monday 14 March 2016, 11.40 - 12.10
Presenter: Joen Hermans

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


After completing a Master's degree in chemistry at Utrecht University, Joen Hermans started in 2013 as a PhD candidate in the PAinT project (part of the Science4Arts program, funded NWO) at the University of Amsterdam under supervision of Prof. Piet Iedema. In this project, his main interests are the chemical reactions between pigments and binder in oil paints, the migration behavior of molecules in these paints, and the development of techniques to study these processes accurately. Previously, Joen presented results of his research at the ChemCH conference in Vienna and at the ICOM-CC triennial conference in Melbourne.

INV2 The dynamics of metal soap formation
Joen Hermans*1, Katrien Keune1,2, Annelies van Loon1, Piet Iedema1
1University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands